WHO wants Nigeria, other developing countries to invest more in water, sanitation

Developing countries have been tasked to increase their current national spending to provide safe and reliable service on water and sanitation so as to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) targets on universal access to safely managed water and sanitation services by 2030. A newly published report by the World Health Organisation WHO on behalf of UN-Water –… Read More »

Partnership between SUA and China Agricultural University in the making

Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) and China Agricultural University (CAU)held a meeting at SUA main campus, Morogoro, Tanzania on 21st December 2017 during a visit of the CAU from Beijing China. The meeting aimed at identifying areas of collaboration between the two universities for increasing academic excellence of these institutions and enhancing agricultural development in Tanzania. Explaining the major aim of… Read More »

False codling moth larvae identification

False codling moth (FCM) is one of South Africa’s most detrimental agricultural pests, causing substantial damage annually to citrus, peach, nectarine, apple and many other crops. FCM naturally occurs in South Africa but has spread throughout Africa and to some parts of the Middle East. FCM has not successfully established in Europe, and governing bodies in European countries… Read More »

It’s Google Maps for buildings: UNSW to launch new research centre

Leading geospatial scientist Sisi Zlatanova is joining UNSW to head a research centre that will produce 3D digital maps of Sydney’s buildings and infrastructure. Geospatial scientist Sisi Zlatanova, a leading expert in 3D mapping of public space, will join UNSW’s Faculty of Built Environment in January to set up the University’s first Geospatial Information Centre. Professor Zlatanova, who joins UNSW… Read More »

How Malaria Tricks the Immune System

The new study suggest a possible defense in the battle against this deadly disease Global efforts to eradicate malaria are crucially dependent on scientists’ ability to outsmart the malaria parasite. And Plasmodium falciparum is notoriously clever: It is quick to develop resistance against medications and has such a complex life cycle that blocking it effectively with a vaccine has thus… Read More »

Shopping, agriculture and rescue at the Technion’s 3DS development competition

The three winning teams are automatically accepted into the BizTEC Entrepreneurship Program Three days and nights, 10 projects, 50 students from all faculties, 20 mentors and judges, 40 pizzas and three excellent ideas for admission to BizTEC 2018. These are some of the numbers behind the three-day Technion. (3 Day Startup) 3DS is a global format for promoting entrepreneurship… Read More »

Earliest evidence of butterflies poses an intriguing mystery

Picture a butterfly. Is it on a flower sucking up sweet nectar with its tonguelike proboscis? Well, hold that thought. Thanks to the earliest butterfly fossils yet discovered, researchers now estimate proboscis-sporting butterflies were around well before flowering plants. After digging the delicate relics out of rocks in northern Germany, researchers examined the scales that cover butterfly and… Read More »

CSIRO Chief Executive Larry Marshall encouraged Australia’s scientists to take their science out of the lab and into the world to make people’s lives better.

In a speech to scientists at the annual Science Meets Parliament event held in Canberra today, Dr Marshall said scientists had a responsibility to share their work and get it ‘off the lab bench’. Science Meets Parliament is designed to foster relationships and understanding between scientists and technologists, MPs and Senators. “Science has the power to inspire all… Read More »