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Young alumni stories: Crickets set to hop onto WA plates

We’ve all tried some kind of ‘strange’ food while travelling in a different county or at a distant relative’s Christmas lunch, but can you imagine eating something as unique as crickets as part of a balanced diet? This is the vision of two agribusiness alumna, Paula Pownall and Amanda Abou Rjeily, who established Grubs Up in 2016, Western Australia’s first… Read More »

Prototype Machine for extracting Carotenoids from Crude Palm Oil

CMU’s Faculty of Agro-Industry has built a prototype machine to extract carotenoids from crude palm oil that can help farmers by increasing the value of their palm crop. CMU’s Associate Professor Dr. Patcharin Raviyan, Faculty of Agro-Industry explained that palm oil is popular for frying food, making up 70% of all vegetable oil. Palm oil is produced from… Read More »

A Study of Twins, Separated by Orbit

When Scott Kelly returns to space next year, he will be taking part in what may be the most far-flung twin study of all time. While circling the earth aboard the International Space Station for a full year — the longest single space adventure for any American astronaut — and after his return, scientists will closely monitor Commander Kelly to see what… Read More »

Researchers map genetic ‘switches’ behind human brain evolution

FINDINGS UCLA researchers have developed the first map of gene regulation in human neurogenesis, the process by which neural stem cells turn into brain cells and the cerebral cortex expands in size. The scientists identified factors that govern the growth of our brains and, in some cases, set the stage for several brain disorders that appear later in… Read More »

Fapemig allocates R $ 30 million to projects in all areas

The Minas Gerais Research Foundation (Fapemig) launched this month the so-called Universal Demand , through which it will invest R $ 30 million in 2018 in scientific, technological and innovative research projects in the various areas of knowledge. Projects presented by doctors trained at any time will compete in Track A and receive R $ 20 million in total. Proposals may… Read More »

First leprosy vaccine makes initial step towards human use

The vaccine has advanced from the preclinical stage after showing significant promise. The candidate is known as LepVax and is part of an overall strategy developed together with the National Hansen’s Disease Program and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. The plan is to end the spread of Mycobacterium leprae, the bacteria that cause leprosy, through… Read More »

Researchers find potential path to repair nerves damaged by multiple sclerosis

UCLA RESEARCH ALERT FINDINGS A UCLA study found that gene expression in specific cells and in specific regions of the body can provide a more precise, neuroprotective approach than traditional treatments for neurological diseases. Gene expression is the process by which genetic instructions are used to synthesize gene products, such as proteins, which go on to perform essential functions.… Read More »

Can you sleep your way to a healthier brain?

Experts researching the science of sleep join the UK DRI and turn their attention to dementia for the first time Poor sleep and dementia are common bedfellows. People living with dementia often experience disrupted sleep which can negatively impact on quality of life for them and their loved ones. In recent years, it has also been suggested that… Read More »

Quratis Teams with IDRI on TB Vaccine

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Quratis Inc. announced Wednesday that the company had applied for the phase 2 of clinical trials in Korea for an adult tuberculosis vaccine developed by scientists at the Infectious Disease Research Institute (IDRI). The clinical trial will evaluate the safety and efficacy of the vaccine in the Korean population. Quratis, which has a long-term joint research… Read More »

CRISPR gene-editing systems 3D animation

The CRISPR systems visualization project was created by Visual Science biologists and scientific visualization experts with support from the Skoltech Biotechnology faculty. The animation is based on molecular modeling and dynamics, which allowed us to produce accurate models of natural and engineered CRISPR complexes, as well as to visualize the interiors of the bacterial cell and human cell nuclei. The visualization demonstrates both natural (bacterial) and genetically-engineered CRISPR… Read More »