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Professor Margaret Frame OBE and her contribution to cancer research

At the start of this year Professor Margaret Frame, science director at the Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre, was given an OBE for her contribution to cancer research. We chatted to her about her career, what she’s looking forward to in the future and what motivates her. You’ve had a few weeks to let the news about your… Read More »

A routine blood test for cancer would be fantastic. Today’s news isn’t it

A new blood test that could ‘help detect eight common cancers before they spread’ is big news today. There’s lots of excitement around the study behind the headlines, published in Science. And rightly so. It marks an important next step for scientists working on blood tests for cancer. But some important details were skipped over in the discussion in the news. The first… Read More »

News digest – cancer blood test, junk food ads, science snapshots and… ‘gene tests for all?’

News of a blood test that can detect multiple cancers in people already diagnosed made headlines this week. The BBC, ITV and Sky News all jumped on the potential benefits, but this encouraging step forward isn’t a quick fix for detecting cancer earlier, as our blog explains. The TV programmes young people watch the most carry junk food ads, and kids remember seeing them. That’s according to a report we released this week, which was picked… Read More »