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The Science of Chocolate: U of G Prof Delves Into Chemistry, Physics

Chocolate has played an important role in human culture since about 350 BC, when the Aztecs were drinking fermented cocoa. Chocolate is used in ceremony, it’s presented as a gift and it’s often just the thing many people reach for to power through the mid-afternoon blood sugar slump. U of G’s Prof. Alejandro Marangoni studies the physical properties of foods,… Read More »

U of G Has Expert on Impact of Legalizing Marijuana on Opiate Prescriptions

The argument that legalization of marijuana is linked to lower rates of opiate prescriptions has hit the headlines this week with the release of two new research studies. The two studies are the latest in a larger body of research showing that marijuana availability is connected to a reduction in opiate use and misuse. A growing number of… Read More »

‘Black Panther’ Villain Can Teach Us About Revolutionary History

Black Panther’s Erik Killmonger is the quintessential super-villain. His character fulfils the requirements of the typical superhero movie with good guys versus bad ones, and his demise at the end is inevitable. How could we possibly find anything positive about him? Actually, there is much more to his character than just evil. In fact, I think his character has… Read More »

Real-Time Monitoring Could Reduce First Nations Water Advisories by One-Third, Study Finds

University of Guelph researchers have found that the majority of drinking water advisories in First Nations communities across Canada are precautionary, and that installing real-time monitoring systems could reduce the number of these advisories by more than one-third. The study has been making headlines with stories appearing on CTV News and in the Globe and Mail, National Post and Toronto Star. Drinking water advisories… Read More »

A Ban on Captive Animals Could Speed Up Extinction

The recent death of the last male northern white rhinoceros — and the imminent extinction of the vaquita porpoise — is a stark reminder we are not going to win every battle to save endangered species in the wild. We can rescue some from total extinction — and have already — but only with the help of zoos and aquariums.… Read More »