Editor of “University Life” is named the most promising young journalist in Russia

A third-year student at the Department of Journalism of the Humanitarian Institute of the NSU and editor of the student newspaper “University Life”   Petr Manyakhin topped the annual rating of young journalists of Russia, which published the magazine Esquire.

The rating of “10 young journalists to be watched in 2018” came out last week. Petr Manyakhin takes the first line in it. A young journalist writes for local publications and the Moscow samizdat “Batenka, yes, you are a transformer.”

“Manyakhin is interested in life in all its manifestations: he writes about suicide, about videobloggers, and about insanity in different forms, ” the authors of the rating note.

In the fall of 2017, for the text “Capitalism of Pure Water” about the conflict around Teletskoye Lake, Petr Manyakhin received the “Editorial Board” award.

– It was, of course, pleasant to get on the list. It seemed to me that this is some kind of intra-industry thing, which will be shared by colleagues in Facebook. But the next day they came up on the street, asked if I really was that guy from Esquire. And then the channel “Russia 24” made a negative story about those who are on this list. In general, a little glory grabbed. And yet it seems to me that such a “glory” for a journalist is not the most important thing. If any of my text caused the same discussion, it would be more correct and useful, says Pyotr Manyakhin.

Culled From: https://www.nsu.ru/n/media/news/atmosfera/redaktor-universitetskoy-zhizni-nazvan-samym-perspektivnym-molodym-zhurnalistom-v-rossii/