Journalists of the Novosibirsk State University won the competition of student art projects “Art Media”

Fourth-year students of the Department of Journalism of the Humanitarian Institute of the Novosibirsk State University Elena Ashcheulova and Ksenia Shovtuta with the project “SIBculture” took first place at the contest of student art projects “Art Media”. The grand prix of the competition for the project “Theater in the media: TV + text” was awarded to the undergraduate of the direction “Television publicist” Ekaterina Makarkina.

The international student competition of journalistic art projects is held within the framework of the international conference “Art Journalism in the Digital Age: Realities and Forecasts” on the basis of the Schnittke Moscow State Institute of Music, the Kazan (Volga) Federal University and the Moscow State Institute of Culture. Students of faculties and departments of journalism, mass communications, public relations of Russian and foreign universities and colleges, implementing educational programs of profile orientation take part in the competition. They represent creative materials created in the classroom and in their spare time. Among the thematic areas of the contest are music journalism in contemporary media space; the theme of art in the blogosphere; art journalism and art criticism: integration of art history and journalism;

My project is coverage of the theatrical life of Novosibirsk in different types of media. The fact is that in today’s journalism it is no longer possible to be only a newsman or a television broadcaster. You must collect and process information in such a way that it is suitable for any task. Only then will the conversation with the audience develop. Moreover, in Novosibirsk there is a shortage of young critics, so there is no discussion, clash of views around the city’s theatrical life. A discussion is always development. At the conference itself, it seems to me, the task was similar. We talked a lot about the tendencies of art journalism. And the discussion was not only among students, but also among teachers. This is a good opportunity for the first to learn something, and for the second – to understand that the profession does not stand still.

Katerina.jpgEkaterina Makarkina

The project “SIBculture”, which took the first place, was created on the basis of the rubric “Culture” of the journal “Meeting place. Siberia”. The rubric is a kind of guidebook on the cultural life of the city among the youth.

Very interesting projects took part in the contest – the Gogolage website for the development of interest in Gogol’s creativity among schoolchildren, the site of “Sytina Lavka” to attract young people to the museum of the Sytin publisher, projects related to the lighting of music festivals and creative events. It is difficult to call this conference a competition – the participants listened with interest to each other, learned how their colleagues work. We exchanged experience more than tried to outperform each other.

Of course, it’s nice that we were so highly appreciated by the jury. I think our advantage was that we are still journalists, and among the participants there were, for example, many students of the music institute. Therefore, we worked a little more professionally at some points on the project. In addition, we have been heading for 2 years already, and this is a long time.

Quite soon the 4th course will come to an end, and it’s very pleasant to finish the training on this note – to bring the beloved faculty and university with a victory from the international competition.


Ksenia Shovtuta

The works of the journalists of the GI NSU were prepared under the guidance of the senior lecturer of the department of mass communications Elena Klimova.

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