Historic Varsities Trail Covenant in the Field of Industry; Crude Oil; Oil Companies

Commitment and dedication to research once again proved decisive as Covenant University dwarfed some of the world’s oldest institutions to emerge the best worldwide in the field of Industry; Crude Oil; Oil companies.

According to the latest computations by Elsevier SciVal, the quick and easy access to the research performance of 8500 research institutions and 220 countries worldwide, 264-year-old Columbia University, ranked 14 in the world by the Times Higher Education, and 109-year-old Arkansas State University played second fiddle to 15-year-old Covenant on this topic.

The result of the computations, spanning the period between 2012 and 2017, showed that Covenant was No.1 with her 3 publications and an equal number of citations. Arkansas, with 2 publications, was 2, while Columbia emerged 3 with 2 publications and 8 citations.

The University of Dar Es Salam, ranked 10, was the other African institution among the top institutions worldwide in the field of Industry; Crude Oil; Oil companies, which also featured RISE ICT, Universidad Complutense, and Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico among others.

Mr. Joshua Olujobi of the Department of Business Management, the leading author in this field at Covenant, was No. 1 on the list of the top 100 authors worldwide in this topic, with his 3 publications, 3 citations, and 1 h-index. His research interests include Corruption in the Nigerian Upstream Oil and Gas sector.

Dr. Olabode Oyewunmi, also of the Business Management Department, was the other author from Covenant to make the top 100 list. His 2 publications, 3 citations, and 1 h-index earned him the 4 position.

Culled From: http://www.covenantuniversity.edu.ng/News/Historic-Varsities-Trail-Covenant-in-the-Field-of-Industry-Crude-Oil-Oil-Companies#.Wqt6PGrwbIU