Hummingbirds of Mexico: A journey in your search

Hummingbirds, creatures whose life seems to be made of fleeting, are not easy to find. From the Pacific coast to the cactus forests, from the Marías islands to the northern mountain ranges, through fog forests and mountains to the south, the authors of this book have traveled all over the country to capture with their cameras violet iridescences, flashes of jade and sapphire, of night and of blood, that pass buzzing among the vegetation.

Tradition says that meeting a hummingbird is a sign of good omen. This is how he started this project that led to the documentation of 58 species through images, short descriptive texts and search and find chronicles.

Hummingbirds of Mexico: A trip in their search together images of great beauty with data on the habitat, customs and morphological characteristics of these small birds, as well as brief narrations about the voyages undertaken to track each species. The ephemeral vision of these winged beings is materialized through photographs that capture their insubordinate flight and their peaceful repose.

This publication, carried out together with the civil association Conserving Biologists, provides scientific information and visual delight, while raising awareness of the danger that hummingbirds encounter and motivates the observation of these unique creatures.

 María del Rocío Meneses Ramírez, José Gabriel Téllez Torres and Ricardo Torres Flores. Hummingbirds of Mexico: A journey in your search. (2017) Puebla: UDLAP

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