Epidemiologist clarifies doubts about yellow fever and vaccination

José Geraldo Leite will minister, on the 25th, webaula by the Telehealth Center of HC

Can I take the yellow fever vaccine more than once? One or two doses? Is the fractionated dose effective? Monkey or mosquito, which one transmits the disease? These and other doubts are clarified by the epidemiologist José Geraldo Leite in an interview with TV UFMG. Next Thursday, 25, from 15h, he will minister webaula on the subject by  the Telehealth Center of the Hospital das Clínicas of UFMG .

Interviewee: José Geraldo Leite – epidemiologist
Report and production: Letícia Almeida
Pictures: CEDOC TV UFMG; Ravik Gomes
Edition: Aline Alves and Otávio Zonatto

Culled From: https://ufmg.br/comunicacao/noticias/epidemiologista-esclarece-duvidas-sobre-febre-amarela-e-vacinacao