In love with my university life

Busy in her constant task of attending to the mail and the telephone, preparing documents, locating a worker and being attentive to the call of her boss, that versatile woman attended to this journalist, who personally verified that at 62 she can keep the agility and the demonstrated efficiency since he began working 46 years ago at the Central University “Marta Abreu” of Las Villas.

“The only work center I have had since I appeared in November 1971 at the Human Resources Department. I told Anoceto when he interviewed me that he was 17 years old, which was a lie because he was only 16, but I wanted to look older so they would take me more seriously. He immediately asked me if I knew how to type, and without any experience I said yes, that I was a typist, another lie »(Laughter).

Mercedes Pérez Machado is one of those people who, although small in stature, are big at heart. It is measured from the head to the sky because of its human condition and its work trajectory. Secretary of the Center for Agricultural Research (CIAP) and friend of all, helpful, sympathetic and perfectionist as few, radiates naturalness and honesty.

However, he had to say a pious lie. Did they discover it someday?

No, it was never discovered. I would have given tremendous pain to go through that. But I thought that was the only alternative so that they would not refuse to give me any responsibility.

«Imagine, they sent me to the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, at that time School of Veterinary Medicine, located in what is now the Faculty of Constructions. There I started a few days as a clerk of the head of the Veterinary School. But my place was not that, it was the laboratory assistant and Human Resources were already attracting attention. Look, when they told me that I had to scrub, clean, pipettes and many other things, I almost went crazy.

I told the teacher not to do that to me and that I agreed to stay as a secretary. He told me yes because they did not have anyone. He gave me the afternoon and I went immediately to Human Resources to throw a “cry” to Anoceto. He sent me a month to try and if I met the size they left me as an office worker.

I got there the happiest and the director gave me a huge amount of newspapers to start copying on the typewriter. I kept doing this and the other until I beat the test one month, I had an exam and they left me in that square.

There I was growing and already in the year 73 approximately when the Veterinary School disconnected, I went to work at what was the Faculty of Animal Science until 1999, when the CIAP was made.

First I was secretary of two deans in the Faculty of Animal Science and then I started as a secretary in the CIAP for 19 years, where I had Pacheco, Norberto, Jaime, Miguelito Orozco, Andres, Barranco and Raciel Lima, who is the current one. . They have been very good bosses, I can not complain.

How was that change from the typewriter to the computer?

Very bad. I had so much practice on the typewriter that it was very fast and that change for the computer had a big impact on me. I had to pass many courses and I did not understand them. I learned cacharrazos and thanks to my classmates who guided me and taught me. I know everything, but it cost me a lot because at my age it is not easy to deal with technology.

He received the José M. de Mendive Medal and Distinction for Cuban Education, the Medal for the 60th anniversary of the UCLV, certificates of recognition for years of service in Education, recognition for the work carried out in the Tasks of the Physical Protection Committees, certified for being outstanding in the Emulation and active participation in the Working Guards.How does it feel to review this trajectory?

Glad to know that I have been here for so many years and have done everything without sanctions. I have permanence in my work and I love what I do. I arrive at seven in the morning daily and I leave at half-past four unless there is a board of directors that extends.

All my prizes, recognition, diplomas and even the scripts of the activities in which I have been recognized, I have kept them to archive them and always remember them.

For all in the UCLV his work has been worthy …

I consider that my work has had quality because, for example, when I made a letter and nothing else I saw a churrasquito, I threw it for the basket and did it again until it was perfect. That was the value of my work.

In addition, I’ve always had very good spelling, even reviewed jobs and passed theses to the boys.

How is Mercedes?

I’m very picky. I like things well done. I am responsible and I take good care of everyone who comes, I work with ethics, I feel a lot of sense of belonging to my work and towards UCLV. I really like the parties to share with my friends. I have no enmity with anyone. I am very jaranera and I sincerely love my companions.

I learned that you will receive a recognition these days …

I think it’s the Pepito Tey Medal. I feel very stimulated because 46 years in a workplace with very few absences and no indiscipline or sanction at work, is a great achievement.

Have not you thought about leaving this position someday?

No, that never. I’m here in the CIAP and in Agricultural Sciences, not in Economics or in any other faculty, here. I would only leave if the boss bounced me, but as I have navigated with such luck and with such good bosses that I have not given them cause for scolding, I am still in the same place.

What moments do you remember with more emotion in these 46 years?

When they gave me the Medal for Cuban Education and when they gave me the status of Butterfly in 2012. I felt the satisfaction of having fulfilled my duty. Those two moments were very exciting. I also remember when Norberto gave me a credential that said Organizing Committee, that filled me with pride because I participated in an event in which there were professionals and I was simply a secretary. I have this experience in my heart and I thank Norberto Alonso.

It’s been two years since he reached retirement age, have not you thought about going home?

Not now, really. I have always been very active and if I was there, I would never leave here. But it does not depend on me, it depends on my mother who is an old lady, she is 87 years old, and when she can not take care of herself, I will go home to take care of her.

We live her, a grandson of my mom that we raised, and me. He is my foster child. I did not have children, that’s why I tell everyone that he is my child. Work at night and take care of my mom for the day. I take care of her when I arrive at the house.

But as long as she remains as I am up to now, I remain in the University. See if I’ve been here for years that the boys who graduated in the 70s and 80s come to the university and are amazed because I’m still here and I’ll continue.

Your family is 100% linked to the UCLV

So is. My foster child works as a custodian in the IBP. My mom worked in the dining room of the Antilles, picking up tickets and I here at the CIAP. We are a family very attached to the university.

Does Mercedes feel fulfilled?

I’m going to tell you with my heart in my hand. I feel very good in my work. I feel fulfilled. I have participated in everything that I have been called.

When the forums and other events were done and they called me, I would run with whatever was needed and also enjoy. For example, when the OCLAE event was the Organizing Committee. All this filled me with pride. I have good memories. I feel in love with my university life.

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