NSPRI improved smoking kiln is an effective equipment for drying of fish. The smoking kiln is developed for smoking and drying of fish to enhance quality preservation and shelf life extension. The kiln, constructed of locally available materials is a double-walled structure with 25.4 mm polyurethane insulation separating the external wall of mild steel and internal wall of galvanized steel. Basically, it consists of the drying chamber, the heating chamber and a vent for the discharge of moisture-laden air. The drying chamber is made up of drying trays arranged on racks with adequate clearance between the trays. In some design the charcoal box is slid directly under the lowest drying tray with open space surrounding it for natural charging. In other designs, the charcoal box is placed in an enclosure extending from the drying chamber and the charcoal is charged with a dc operated fan powered by solar rechargeable battery while in the recent model the combustion chamber is slide behind the kiln. The source of energy for the drying in the recent model can be charcoal, gas or electricity.

Fish Preparation and drying

Prior to smoking, fish to be smoke-dried will be gutted and thoroughly washed. Salt treatment may be done either as osmotic pre-treatment or for taste enhancement.  After this, the charcoal is measured, poured into the charcoal box and lighted and allow to glow properly before placing it in the kiln. The prepared fish is then arranged on the trays in the kiln. The door is then closed and the fan switched on to enhance uniform distribution of heat in the kiln. The door is opened periodically to monitor the operation, and when charcoal level goes down, it is recharged. Once the fish is dried to the desired moisture content it is allowed to cool and packed in a good packaging material such as the NSPRI developed composite packaging material.

There is need to clean the fish kiln after daily operation. Occasionally, there may be need to replace the dry cell battery.


Once the kiln is installed, the operation is simple. It is comfortable and convenient to operate. The operator is not endangered in the course of its use. The coupled fan powered by solar energy enhances uniform distribution of heat within the kiln which gives it added advantage over others. The adequate insulation of the kiln improves heat utilization. Operator can be trained within a day or two to operate the facility successfully. It does not require any special training or high technical know-how. It is mobile and available in varying capacities and specifications.

Expected Life Span

The kiln if used continuously and properly maintained can last up to a minimum of ten (10) year.

Power Requirement

The power required for the operation of the kiln is charcoal. Solar energy via the photovoltaic panel recharges the dry cell that powers the fan for uniform in heat distribution.

Duration of drying

Depending on capacity and nature of the fish, it can smoke-dry to safe moisture level in eight (8) to fourteen (14) hours of operation. Link us through our contact page for detailed specifications and price list.

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