Plant and Animal Science Ascends in ESI top 1%

University of Science and Technology of China(USTC) makes one step further on its way of development: Plant and Animal Science ascends in Essential Science Indicators(ESI) top 1% for the first time according to the data published by Clarivate Analytics recently, and becomes the 12th member of current ESI top 1% subjects of USTC. An ESI Top1% subject is… Read More »

Young alumni stories: Crickets set to hop onto WA plates

We’ve all tried some kind of ‘strange’ food while travelling in a different county or at a distant relative’s Christmas lunch, but can you imagine eating something as unique as crickets as part of a balanced diet? This is the vision of two agribusiness alumna, Paula Pownall and Amanda Abou Rjeily, who established Grubs Up in 2016, Western Australia’s first… Read More »

Hybrid Qubit is Demonstrated with High Tunability – A Progress in Semiconductor Quantum Computation

New progress in semiconductor quantum dot hybrid qubit has been achieved by Key Laboratory of Quantum Information and Synergetic Innovation Center of Quantum Information & Quantum Physics of USTC. The jointed group of Prof. GUO Guoping and researchers from UCLA and University at Buffalo experimentally demonstrated quantum coherent dynamics of a tunable triple-dot-based hybrid qubit. The results were… Read More »

Covenant, French Group Explore Collaboration on Development-Focused Research Initiatives

The French Development Bank has expressed its desire to partner with Covenant University, amongst other Nigerian institutions, on viable research projects that will bring development to the country and Africa at large. Ms. Kim Vu, representative of le cnam, a public higher education institution and professional vocational training centre in France, made the disclosure on Thursday, January 25, 2018,… Read More »

Professional Ethics 101: A Reply to Anne Krueger’s Review of The Oxford Handbook of Professional Economic Ethics

by: George DeMartino, Deidre McCloskey >> Read Article >> Listen to podcast related to this article. Abstract The present authors are the editors of The Oxford Handbook of Professional Economic Ethics (2016). The volume was reviewed in 2017 by Anne Krueger in the Journal of Economic Literature. The review was negative. It misrepresented the book quite badly, both in the number of misrepresentations… Read More »

Scientist Discover a Novel Drug Efflux Pump in Gram Positive Bacteria

A novel mechanism of bacteria drug resistance is revealed by discovering a new type of efflux pump in a gram positive microbe. Prof. ZHOU Congzhao and Prof. CHEN Yuxing analyzed the structure of this ABC transporter (Spr0693 and Spr0694-0695) in Streptococcus pneumoniaeat atomic resolution. The work uncovered a new class of histone forms of gram-positive bacterial ABC transporters,… Read More »

Covenant 1st Among World Universities in the Field of Housing; Satisfaction; Residential Satisfaction

Covenant University’s exploits in the field of research has continued to wax stronger, with the University leaving the iconic and lesser known institutions in her trail as she emerged tops in the area of Housing; satisfaction; residential satisfaction. Elsevier SciVal, the quick and easy access to the research performance of 8500 research institutions and 220 countries worldwide, had… Read More »

Credible, Fact-Based Journalism Key to Combatting Fake News Scourge – Expert

A clarion call has been directed at media practitioners seeking honour for media practice to work at being credible for consumers of news content, as their credibility would enhance their unique selling proposition at any given time, especially in the era of fake news. Guest Speaker, Mrs. Motunrayo Famuyiwa-Alaka, made the call at the Town and Gown Seminar… Read More »

New UG Chair to focus on consequences of climate change and an ice-free Arctic

6 February: Inaugural address by Honorary Professor of Climate and Environmental Change Richard Bintanja The Arctic is undergoing rapid and turbulent changes: the temperature is rising two to three times faster than in the rest of the world, sea ice is melting at lightning speed and precipitation is increasing. What will these changes lead to? Are we headed… Read More »