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USC professor shows math is fun, even if you’re not ‘good’ at it

It’s not about being right: Neel Tiruviluamala, a popular faculty member in residence at USC Village, inspires college students to be curious Hanging out in professor Neelesh “Neel” Tiruviluamala’s apartment at USC Village on a Friday night, a student asks, “Can we get a riddle?” “Ok, here’s the riddle,” Tiruviluamala said, shuffling a deck of cards. “You have… Read More »

Students of the Novosibirsk State University received 16 diplomas at the International Mathematical Olympiad

NSU students successfully took part in the International Mathematics Contest “The Mirror of the Putnam Olympiad”. The Olympiad brought the Novosibirsk State University 5 second and 11 third places. The best result in NSU for a fourth-year student of the Physics Department, Dmitry Morozov. The Patnem Olympiad itself is held by the mathematical association of North America, and students from… Read More »

Students of NSU underwent training at Schlumberger

Five students of the Novosibirsk State University received a unique opportunity to pass an industrial practice in the company “Schlumberger”. A total of 500 applicants from the most prestigious universities of Russia participated in the selection. During the month the students of the Novosibirsk State University were immersed in the real atmosphere of work at the oil and gas… Read More »

Provincial Mathematics Olympiad

  The honorary chair “Trifina Cánovas Suárez”, in coordination with the Mathematical-Physical department, invites to participate in the Provincial Mathematical Olympiad “Trifina Cánovas Suárez”, to be held on February 20. All students can participate according to the following levels: Level I (Students of Bachelor’s degrees in Education, Mathematics and Mathematics – Physics) Level II (Bachelor of Primary Education)… Read More »

Missing spaces for women researchers in mathematics in the country

According to figures from the United Nations Organization, in some countries, the possibility for a woman to finish her bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral studies related to science is 18, 8 and 2 percent, respectively; that is, less than half the opportunity that the masculine gender has. This figure is exacerbated if these studies are in areas of exact sciences… Read More »

Science Project of the UCLV

This morning an activity of the Science Project was carried out with students of the IPVCE Ernesto Che Guevara in room 14 of the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics, Computing (MFC). This activity is part of the celebration of the 55th Anniversary of the Faculty. Professors from the Department of Philosophy and the Faculty of Humanities participated, as well as… Read More »